B-Cool’s Top 10 MLB

By Bryant Kizer

1. LA Dodgers (62-47) the Dodgers have won six straight.

2. LA Angels (64-43) the Angels have won four out of six.

3. Oakland A’s (66-41) the A’s drop two of three to Houston.

4. Baltimore (60-47) the Birds won the three-game series against the Angels.

5. Detroit (58-47) the Tigers have lost five out of six.

6. Milwaukee (60-49) “The Brew Crew” is fighting off a huge charge from St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. A huge three-game road series against the Cards.

7. Toronto (60-50) the Blue Jays have won six in a row. They are 11-3 since all-star break.

8. Washington (58-48) the Nats lead over the Atlanta Braves is just three games in the lost column.

9. St. Louis (57-50) the Cards have lost six out of nine.

10. Atlanta (58-51) the Braves have lost three in a row against #1 LA Dodgers.


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